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Remember When (Season Β )   (R)   
Entertainment / Greek Series

'Remember When' makes a leap of 2 years and returns once again to 1977!

In 1977, we find Mary as the owner of a boutique in Kolonaki, while she is persistently pursued by Mr. Tepentris (Ioannis Papazisis), a charmer, bachelor, and well-known bon viveur in the fashion world and the social circles of Athens. Stelios struggles to make a living as a supervisor in the ministry but is subordinate to Mrs. Argyriou (Emily Koliandri), and a sudden blackout brings them closer together. Nana has taken over the boutique in Gyzi and is married to Dimitris, who is now the owner of a supermarket and a café. Together they lovingly raise little Noni, with the shadow of the absent father Apostolis still lingering. Meanwhile, we find Hermione and Mr. Nikos, who have moved together into Mrs. Roula's old house and are trying to get used to living together as a married couple after so many years of loneliness. Always beside them is Pelagia, who tries in every way to win over the director of their neighborhood police station. Despite her disappointment with the acting world, Elpida persists in trying to succeed alongside Alkis, while Antonis finds love again in Dora (Natasa Exintaveloni), a young and independent journalist from Eleftherotypia, who helps him take his first steps in journalism.
Along with the adults, the young ones also grow up. Angelos (Dimitris Serfas), now 16 years old, experiences his adolescence with introversion. He reads melancholic poetry, engages in photography and cinema, and desperately tries to find his calling. And naturally, he is still preoccupied with girls. His beautiful teacher, his first love Sofia (Ioanna Kalitsantsi) who returns to Athens after many years, his best friend Anna (Konstantina Messini), who is now the third member of their group. By Angelos' side is his best friend, Louis (Vangelis Daousis), who spends his adolescence entirely preoccupied with the opposite sex. He reads magazines with "nudes" in class, steals his father's Vespa to go to clubs, gets drunk, and dares to gather experiences in every possible way.
All of them are heading towards the finish line of the 1970s, with the strong scent of the era influencing their daily lives and foreshadowing the arrival of the iconic 80s. Colorful scenes, foreign songs, new fashions and hairstyles, new habits, clubs, and discotheques will accompany the adventures of the Antonopoulos family and the rest of the neighborhood. New loves, wrinkles, lost daughters, reunions, farewells, unfulfilled desires, stubbornness, and experiments prevail and stir the waters of our familiar neighborhood in Gyzi...

Today: «Kill Two Birds with One Stone»
Episode 18

Ermioni's decision to marry Mr Nikos and Dimitris’ decision to say “yes” to Nana's respective marriage proposal have upset life in the small neighbourhood of Gkyzi. A few days before Angelos’ birthday, staying true to the traditions of Messinia, the Antonopoulos family organises a double wedding for Ermioni and Nana, because, as it is said, it is better to “kill two birds with one stone”! In the festive atmosphere of that summer of 1975, that has everyone in the beautiful neighbourhood of Gkyzi in a relaxed mood, a curve ball could upturn everything at the last moment...

Director: Nikos Kritikos
Screenwriters: Nikos Apeiranthitis, Dora Masklavanou, Katerina Bei
Producers: Natali Douka, Dionysis Samiotis
Director of Photography: Vasilis Kasvikis
Production Designer: Dimitris Katsikis
Costume Designer: Maria Kontodima
Casting Directors: Sofia Dimopoulou, Fragkiskos Xydianos
Production: Tanweer Productions


Meletis Ilias (Stelios), Katerina Papoutsaki (Mary), Yvonne Maltezou (Ermioni), Jenny Theona (Nana), Erifyli Kitzoglou (Elpida), Dimitris Kapouranis (Antonis), Dimitris Serfas (Angelos), Errikos Litsis (Nikos), Michalis Oikonomou (Dimitris), Giannis Drakopoulos (Father Thodoras), Natasa Asiki (Pelagia), Lila Baklesi (Angeliki),Renos Charalambidis (Vangelis Papadopoulos), Yolanda Balaoura (Roula), Tonia Sotiropoulou (Antigoni), Rena Kyprioti (Nadin Markatou), Vangelis Daousis (Louis)
Americo Melis (Haris), Konstantina Messini (Anna)

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