THURSDAY  11/07/2024
23:00 (UTC) [K8]
Here We Are (Season Β )   (R)   
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The adventure continues for Jerome Kalouta in the second season of the show 'Here We Are'.

Always open to new challenges, Jerome invites viewers on an exciting journey to famous and unknown treasures of the Greek territory.
Jerome explores mountains and valleys, delves into forests, caves, tiny villages, and historical trails, coming into contact with people with unique stories. He shares images and flavors, moments from daily life, traditions, customs, dances, and celebrations.
'Here We Are' is a different travel documentary, featuring beautiful landscapes, action, exploration, taste, melody, humor, and unique individuals. Are you ready?

Today: «Chania» [With English subtitles]
Episode 24

In a place generous in all respects, with unique nature, beautiful villages and authentic people, the show travels, with Jerome, falling in love once again with the enchanting Chania! He discovers the closest thing to heaven on earth in the famous Elafonisi. He explores the old town of Chania, which is always full of surprises, and together with the great company he meets at Elderly Open Care Center of Chania, he sings and takes a zumba class. In Omalos, next to the Samaria gorge, Jerome tours a unique botanical farm, where he discovers the secrets, aromas and flavors of Cretan herbs, such as malotira and dictamom. At the foot of the White Mountains, he discovers a hidden treasure, the Sarakina gorge, one of the smallest and least known gorges of Crete, which, however, does not lag behind in natural beauty and impressive images. In the lake of Agia, in a green peaceful environment, he is enchanted by Cretan melodies, while in the picturesque village of Gavalochori, he is introduced to the traditional, delicate art of lace called kopaneli, from which the whole village once lived. Jerome says goodbye to Crete full of images, tastes, smells and memories of special, authentic people, sure that he will always return to this island...

Director: Andreas Loukakos
Production Manager: Lambros Papadeas
Editor-in-Chief: Christina Katsantoni
Director of Photography: Xenophon Vardaros
Research: Evelina Pipidi, Evanthia Tsakni

Host: Jerome Kalouta

Available on ERTFLIX.


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