WEDNESDAY  10/07/2024
20:00 (UTC) [K8]
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Is it possible to have a quiz show without scoring? A quiz show where players compete for 7 days for the prize? And the answer is yes! The role of Evgenia Samara is not to make things difficult for the players. On the contrary, having made it clear that she is always on the side of the players, she becomes the person who will help them not only win the prize but also become the most vibrant television group. Together with the presenter, they play, get to know each other, build familiarity, become friends, and test their knowledge. Every correct answer brings them closer to the first place, while every wrong answer moves them away from the monetary prize. Not for long, as even if they fail in one episode, they have the opportunity to win in one of the following ones. In this atmosphere, once a week, a group of beloved artists will play with Evgenia Samara, aiming for the monetary prize to be donated to charitable organizations. SWITCH, with Evgenia Samara, is the friendliest and, at the same time, the fastest and most dynamic game on Greek television. A quiz game in which the primary role is played by the group.

Today: Guests: Faye Fragkalioti, Vasilis Darmas, Nikolaos Chalkiadakis, Polina Betsi, Ilianna Gaitani
Episode 98

We welcome Faye Fragkalioti, Vasilis Darmas, Nikolaos Chalkiadakis, Polina Betsi and Iliana Gaitani. All together they will try to answer Evgenia's questions correctly in order to claim 1,700 euros for the Care of People with Autism, an association of parents, guardians and friends of people on the autism spectrum called M.A.m.A. based in Veria, Imathia. The Association represents individuals across the autism spectrum (low, middle, high functionality and asperger) with the basic idea to include as many people of the spectrum as possible, of all ages in order for them to be accepted, to integrate into society, to appreciate and respect them for who they are... as they are. 

Director: Dimitris Arvanitis
Head Editor: Nikos Tilkeridis
Line Producer: Zoe Tsetseli
Executive Producer: Panos Rallis, Elissavet Hatzinikolaou
Producer: Sofia Panagiotaki

Host: Evgenia Samara

Available on ERTFLIX.


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