SUNDAY  16/06/2024
15:40 (UTC) [K8]
3rd Floor   (R)   
Entertainment / Greek Series

The new 15-minute comedy series "Third Floor," written and directed by Vasilis Nemeas, featuring exceptional actors and collaborators, starring a tough, explosive couple, Giannis and Yvonne, is coming to ERT in the new television season and promises to give us moments of emotion and optimism, laughter, and smiles.

A young couple at heart, Antonis Kafetzopoulos (Giannis) and Lydia Fotopoulou (Yvonne) are coming to remind us what love, relationships, and companionship mean at every age and to offer us plenty of moments of laughter and emotion.

The new 15-minute series, airing daily on ERT, follows the daily life of a retired couple.

On the third floor of an apartment building, through the hilarious conversations they have at home, 70-year-old Giannis, the building's manager, and 67-year-old Yvonne show us how their daily life unfolds, including moments of laughter, as well as epic arguments, scenes of jealousy with stubbornness and separations, as if they were teenagers.

They have two children, Andreas (Haris Hiotis) and Maria (Eirini Angelopoulou), each of whom has taken their own path, and they are always there to support them, just as they support each other, despite the typical complaints of all couples.

As we follow their lives, we will be moved by the abandonment, loneliness, and isolation of the elderly - even from their own children, who rarely visit them and mostly communicate with them through laptops or phones - and at the same time, we will cry and laugh at the small and big events that happen to them...

Giannis is more explosive and superficial. Yvonne is more restrained and mature. However, these roles often switch depending on the story and each one's mood.

He was a manager at a shoe factory, from where he retired after 35 years and an additional 2, as he didn't want to be at home.

She, on the other hand, was an elementary school teacher and had no problem retiring and waking up late, away from the voices of the little ones and the school bells. She enjoys the peaceful life of a retiree, their summer house, but lately, not even that, because their grandchildren have grown up and exhaust her, especially when their children leave them and go away!

Today: «Walking Shoes» [With English subtitles]
Episode 40

Giannis has decided to lose weight and to achieve it he needs the right walking shoes, as the ones he had were not satisfactory. But the pair he picks out is particularly expensive, causing Yvonne to get cross and get back at him.

Cast: Antonis Kafetzopoulos (Giannis), Lydia Fotopoulou (Yvonne), Haris Hiotis (Andreas, the son), Eirini Angelopoulou (Maria, the daughter), Christiana Drosou (Antonia, the daughter-in-law), and the young actors Thanasis and Areti Mavrogianni (in the roles of the grandchildren).

Written and Directed by: Vasilis Nemeas
Assistant Director: Agni Chioti
Director of Photography: Socrates Michalopoulos
Sound Recording: Christos Louloudis
Costume Designer: Eleni Bletsa
Set Designer: Eleni-Bele Karagianni
Production Manager: Natalia Tasoglou
Original Music Composition: Kostas Leivadas
Executive Producer: Evangelos Mavrogiannis
Production: ERT
Production Execution: Stelios Angelopoulos - M.IKE.

Available on ERTFLIX.


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