SUNDAY  16/06/2024
09:00 (UTC) [K12]
Wired   (R)   
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A delightful comedy with lively situations, hilarious one-liners, and a fresh perspective that unfolds both inside and outside the prison walls is coming to the new television season on ERT.
Written by Charis Mazarakis and Nikos Dimakis and directed by Charis Mazarakis, "Wired" boasts an exceptional cast and crew. The captivating narrative centers on Spyros Katarachias (Thanasis Tsaltabasis), who finds himself on a tumultuous journey following a conviction for financial fraud. He is sentenced to five years in prison and is transferred to a correctional facility.

In prison, he meets Ioulios Rallis (Ivan Svitailo), a hardened criminal with a dark past. A unique relationship develops between them. Spyros, being highly educated, imparts knowledge to Ioulios, ranging from classical literature to theater and poetry while Ioulios takes him under his wing and introduces him to the secrets of his own "profession".

Meanwhile, Anna Roussou (Vicky Papadopoulou), a mysterious social worker, appears to further stir the waters by introducing a project that aims to provide an outlet for anger and frustration, not only within the prison but also through telephone lines. She requests that the prison director grant her access to certain inmates to train them as empathetic telephone listeners, allowing people on the outside to vent their emotions and release pent-up anger.

Friends and foes, including the eccentric prison director Fokion Parlas (Panos Stathakopoulos) and the head guard Zizi (Alexandros Zouridakis), as well as the rivalries among the "Rebetes," the "Russians," and the imprisoned art professor (Lakis Gavalas), all contribute to the intricate puzzle of the story.

Everything that happens outside the prison, involving Ioulios's spiritual father, father Nikolaos (Tasos Palantzidis), Spyros's father who is a butcher, Stelios (Vasilis Halakatevakis), the wealthy and influential Kimonas Vasileiou (George Hraniotis) and his partner Vanessa Ioannou (Doretta Papadimitriou), forms a humorous and tangled web around which the story's heroes navigate.

Love, hilarious punishments, intrigues, a social experiment through phone lines, and a looming great escape all come together harmoniously and energetically in this innovative and modern comedy.

Today: [With English subtitles]
Episode 2

Spyros is going through the first difficult days in his new environment. Fatyon, under pressure from Mitsakis, tries to instigate a conflict with Spyros, and he reacts. Anna Roussou visits Director Parlas and presents an initial proposal for the "Wired" program. He is negative, and Anna leaves, allowing him to reconsider it.

A brawl occurs in the courtyard with the "Rebetes" and the gang of Ioulios, resulting in a special punishment imposed by Director Parlas, which will be carried out by the inmate and art teacher Lakis. Vanessa shares her concerns about her relationship with Anna's cousin, Kimon Vasileiou. Spyros's father visits him in prison, while his two friends worry about his fate just before Argyris Kapsalis dismisses them.

Cast: Thanasis Tsaltabasis (Spyros), Ivan Svitalo (Ioulios), Vicky Papadopoulou (Anna Roussou), Doretta Papadimitriou (Vanessa Ioannou), George Hraniotis (Kimonas Vasileiou), Panos Stathakopoulos (Fokion Parlas, prison director), Tasos Palantzidis (Father Nikolaos), Vasilis Halakatevakis (Stelios Katarachias, Spyros' father), Andreas Zikoulis (inmate "Tsitsanis"), Kostas Piperidis (inmate "Mitsakis"), Dimitris Maziotis (inmate "Vamvakaris"), Konstantinos Moutaftsis (Lelos, Spyros' friend), Stelios Iakovidis (Manolakis, Spyros' friend), Alexandros Zouridakis (Zacharias Galanis or Zizi), Vangelis Stratigakos (Fanis Leleoudas), Demosthenes Xylardistos (Fatjon), Gianna Stavraki (Theodora, Arkoudas's mother), Dimitris Kambolis (Arkoudas), Loukia Frantzikou (Popi Spanou), Georgia Panteli (Police Officer Carol Petri), Susanna Vartani (Lora), Eva Agrafioti (Mara), George Katsambas (Lawyer Priftis), Chris Radanof (Liouba ), Haris Georgiadis (Igor), Takis Sakellariou (Giannis Pikros), Giannis Katsampas (Salouvardos), Simeon Tsakiris (Neo Serfen), and Lakis Gavalas in the role of Professor of Fine Arts at the correctional institution.

Screenplay: Charis Mazarakis - Nikos Dimakis
Direction: Charis Mazarakis
Cinematography: Dinos Macheras
Set Designer: Lambrini Kardara
Costume Designer: Domniki Vasiageorgi
Sound Engineer: Xenophon Kontopoulos
Editing: Giorgos Argyropoulos
Music Supervision: George Bousounis
Production Manager: Vicky Nikolaou
Production: ERT

Available on ERTFLIX.


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