MONDAY  17/06/2024
22:00 (UTC) [K8]
Greek Acts (Season Η )   (R)   
Documentary / Culture

Year of production: (2024)

Series of hourly broadcasts produced in 2024

"GREEK ACTS" travels, records, and presents the timeless cultural expressions of people and places. The journey, the music, the myth, the dance, the world. This is the destination of the show. The protagonist is the human, accompanied by mythical ancestors, in the local cultural events. It's where human adventure is distinctively traced in its authentic expression, across time. The show travels, explores, and reveals an enthralling human geography. The mosaic of the present creative and timeless cultural evolution of our country is showcased, with a selection of people-protagonists, events, and places, thus highlighting and complementing a living anthology. With music, stories, and images... With a revealing and sensitive gaze, with in-depth research rather than surface-level exploration, "GREEK ACTS" focuses on "unique" moments of human expression.
With a screenplay structured cinematically, each story, where the show focuses its lens, unfolds fully without "intermediaries", by the protagonists themselves, creating a documentary that "composes" the present with the past, the myth with history, where everyday people are the protagonists. Myths, history, time, people, and places harmoniously compose a complete set of creative expression. The direct and authentic documentation, by the genuine "bearer" and "expresser" of each story - rather than someone "interfering" - is the primary, inviolable rule guiding the research and realization.
Behind each documentary, there is extensive preparation. And the image eventually appearing on the small screen - the result of the efforts of the show's collaborators - constitutes a wholly original production, from the first to the last frame. In this year's journey from Crete to Evros and from the Ionian to the Aegean Sea, the show presents a feast of ethnographic, anthropological, and musical expression. Authentic creations of people and places.
The human, life, and its voice firsthand, the sounds, the images, the customs, and behaviors, the journey of rhythms, the history of dance "written step by step", the celebratory events, and every human endeavor, filmed in their natural and social context of action, at the moment of their authentic execution - and not through a fake representation - determine, create the form, style, and characterize the show.

Today: «Karsanian Beauty»
Episode 7

The inhabitants of Karya, Lefkada, have a highly developed culture, which is a legacy for the whole island. The unique and unparalleled expression of the "Karsaniko" culture, which was completely integrated into the culture of the island, is the Karsaniko Embroidery. Thus, Lefkada has become world famous because of its unique "karsaniko" embroidery, which are masterpieces of embroidery art. About a century ago, the embroiderers of Karya were decisively invaded by the woman who was to highlight and impose a new technique. A woman who lost her arms due to successive accidents (Maria Stavraka or "Koutsochero") and a man without a leg, disabled by the war in 1912 (Argyris Stavrakas), created by necessity in the already developed embroidery art of Karya, an original and unique way of embroidery, the so-called "Karsaniko stitch"! The condition of life of these people, led the art of the village to conquer the whole island and become world famous, since an entire apprenticeship school was created on the island, for an art that progressively won its place in the intangible cultural heritage of Unesco. The lens of the broadcast approaches the anthropological aspect of history, highlighting at the same time the exquisite embroidery art and its timeless modern motifs, inspired and drawn from the life of their creators and the elements of Lefkadian nature.

Direction - research: Antonis Tsavalos
Photography: Giorgos Chrysafakis, Efthimis Theodosis
Editing: Alkis Antoniou, Ioanna Pogiantzi
Sound recording: Daphne Farazi
Production management: Elena Theologiti

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