SUNDAY  16/06/2024
04:25 (UTC) [K8]
Stone 'n time   (R)   
Documentary / Culture

Year of production: (2021)

The episodes of the documentary series visit areas whose roots trace back to the depths of history. Their modern image is unique because they combine their stone traditional presence with the beauty of untouched mountainous landscapes.

Settlements perched on steep slopes overlook ravines and gorges like eyries in the rugged terrain. The undulations of the mountain ranges fade into the horizon in a dreamy combination of ruggedness and primordial harmony.

Images of unprecedented beauty, like folk paintings embroidered on pine-covered slopes and magnificent plateaus. Areas like the historic Dimitsana, the silver-gold-bearing Stemnitsa, the Koryschades and Viniani, with their more recent historical presence in the resistance against fascist Germany, the wonderful "Balkans" of Evrytania, as the villages of Stefani, Sella, Miliá, and Fidákia are called, the ruined Marathias, the beautiful stone bridges of Evrytania, compose delightful images and are approached with a deeper exploration of cultural and historical continuity.

Today: «Gravia»
Episode 9

Gravia is a settlement founded after the Greek Revolution of 1821 around the historic Hani, where a great battle took place between the men of Odysseas Androutsos and the army of Omer Vryonis. The Hani was located next to the river crossing the traditional settlement today. In 1999 an identical one was built to keep the memory of old times alive. The Hani of Gravia is rooted in national memory as an event of supreme heroism and selflessness. In the wider area of Gravia, in the depths of mount Gkiona, the "Vagonetto-Mining Park of Fokida" operates with an impressive representation of the phases of bauxite mining. It creates the feeling that you are there with the miners at the time of mining. Unique experience in the heart of the mountain.

Screenplay-Directing: Elias Iosifidis
Texts-Presentation-Narration: Lefteris Eleftheriadis
Cinematography-Aerial Shots: Dimitris Mavroforakis
Editing-Mixing: Haris Mavroforakis
Sound Recording: Roula Eleftheriadou
Production Management: Efi Korosidou
Production Execution: FADE IN PRODUCTIONS


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