SUNDAY  16/06/2024
03:00 (UTC) [K8]
Sunday at the Village Again (Season Β )   (R)   
Documentary / Travel

Year of production: (2022)

"Sunday at the Village Again": a brand new take on the traditional show.
The protagonist is still the “village”, the people who inhabit it, their lives, the way they reproduce their customs and traditions in their everyday life, everything they have achieved in time, and everything they dream of. The glorious moments but also the hard times, the manners and customs, the songs and the celebrations, the relationship with the natural environment, and the way that this affects the economy of the place and the souls of the inhabitants.
The village is not just a romantic view of life, it is a living cell that adapts to new conditions. With imagination, ingenuity, a sense of humor, high aesthetics, emotion, and contemporary television language, we pin down and record the relationship of the old with the new, from yesterday to tomorrow and from one end of Greece to the other.

Today: «Agio Pnevma (Holy Spirit) of Serres»
Episode 12

Sunday at the village again. In Agio Pnevma, Serres, the village of "now", one of the five “Darnakes” villages of the region. The journey starts from the artificial lake of Canberra , a special habitat high on the Menoikio mountain, where every summer music event, as well as other events take place. How did the village get its name, why are its inhabitants called "Darnakes", how do they live, what do they do and why do they declare themselves "lucky people"?
What are the most important festivals of the region? All the answers at the Sunday feast, in the central square, amidst music and dances, in Agio Pnevma (Holy Spirit), literally and figuratively. Kostis visits the monastery of Prophet Elias, learns the Darnakika idiom and the history of "Panagi", and listens to the stories of the residents, who share with us memories and optimism. He meets the women of the village at the local Open Care Center for the Elderly, where they gather every Thursday and have a good time. And finally, at Sunday's big feast, we find out what "tsachpinokeftedes" are.

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