MONDAY  20/11/2023
17:15 (UTC) [K8]
Looking for Berenice   (R)   

Year of production: (1998)

A 13-episode documentary series
Based on the book by Giorgos Grammatikakis, "Berenice's Hair"

Today: «The day's star»
Episode 9

The Sun is the protagonist of this episode of "Looking for Berenice".

Once a god in ancient Egypt and the object of worship in many cosmogonies, the Sun irreversibly secured a central place in our planetary system, from the time of Copernicus and Galileo, dethroning Earth and overturning the unshakable geocentric views of the Ptolemaic era.

The Sun, the source of light and life, is, in modern physics, a simple medium-sized star among the billions of stars in our galaxy. With an age of several billion years, it constitutes a colossal "thermonuclear factory" that one day will deplete its nuclear fuel and extinguish.

Conversing with Giorgos Grammatikakis this time are the professor at the University of Cairo, Mahmoud Sakr, who guides us to the Temple of Horus in Edfu, Upper Egypt, Nikos Matsopoulos - astronomer at the Penteli Observatory, Dionysis Simopoulos - Director of the Eugenides Planetarium, Yiannis Papamastorakis - professor of astrophysics at the University of Crete, and Feyza Heikel - professor of archaeology at the University of Cairo.

Screenplay: Fotis Lambrinos
Collaboration on screenplay-text narration: Giorgos Grammatikakis
Collaboration on direction-production: Aris Fatouros
Producer: Giannis Koutsomytis - PRO.FI.T.
Directed by: Fotis Lambrinos

Available on ERTFLIX.


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