MONDAY  20/11/2023
21:10 (UTC) [K12]
The Beach (New Episode)   
Entertainment / Greek Series

The highly anticipated drama series "The Beach," based on the novel "The Girl with the Snail" by Penelope Kurtzi, directed by Stefanos Blatsos, and written by Georgos Chrysavitsanos and Kostas Gerabinis, is coming to the new television season on ERT to captivate us.

With an exceptional cast of actors, "The Beach" transports us to Matala in Crete. There, beneath the shade of the unique rocks, mystery, love, and heartbreaking human stories complement the idyllic scenery. The dreams and nightmares of the protagonists come to the surface. How many dark secrets can the beach of carefreeness hold?

The story...
September 1969, Matala. The young doctor, Ypatia Archontaki (played by Danae Michalaki), returns from London to her childhood hometown to announce to her family that she is engaged and intends to marry Giorgos (played by Giannis Koukourakis). Giorgos, who lives with her in London and works in shipping, will come to Crete a few days after Ypatia to formally ask for her hand.

On her first night in Matala, she is reunited with her childhood friends and asks them to be her bridesmaids. They arrange to meet at the hippies' party, who have found shelter on the enchanting beach of the area. There, Ypatia will meet the peculiar yet welcoming community of the "Flower Children," among whom is Harry (played by Dimitris Mothonaios). Love will blossom between them, starting amidst pain and obstacles, ultimately finding itself at the heart of a whirlwind that will upend everything the heroes once took for granted.

Soon, starting with a tragic murder that will shake the region but, above all, Ypatia herself, her paradise will be severely tested.

Episode 41

Episode's description
The first day of the new year begins for the residents of Matala in a joyful mood for a new beginning. Dionysis begins to regain his lost sense of optimism and pressures Pavlos for results regarding the hotel's license. At the same time, he is trying to make amends with Grantos following the recent tension between them. Nikitas’ health concerns his wife and Nikolina, as he is showing the first signs of dementia and they do not know how to help him. Ypatia and Harry return to their medical visits and the care of the residents of the neighboring villages despite the difficult weather conditions.

Cast: Danae Michalaki (Ypatia Archontaki), Dimitris Mothonaios (Harry Pierce), Alexandros Logothetis (Dionysis Archontakis), Yulika Skafida (Antigoni Archontaki), Nikolas Papagiannis (Grantos Mavritsakis), Demosthenis Papadopoulos (Loizos Androulidakis), Gogo Kartsana (Maria Zafeiraki), Dimitris Xanthopoulos (Sifis Geronymakis), Dimitris Kitsos (Pavlos Archontakis), Eleana Stravodimou (Natali Pascal), Alexandros Perros (Mark Benson), Maria Bagana (Nona Zenovaki), Alexandros Moukanos (Papa-Nikolas Mavritsakis), Nikos Karagiorgis (Pantelis Arvanitakis), Eustathia Tsapareli (Kerasia Mavritsaki), Xenia Dania (Tess Wilson), Marthilia Svarna (Laura Brown), Giorgos Savvidis (Tommy Baker), Stefanos Mouagie (Steve Miller), Alex Sid (Brian Taylor), Takis Sakellaris (Kostas Zafeirakis), Katerina Lypiridou (Eleni Androulidaki), Noni Ioannidou (Anna Tsampouraki), Giorgos Giannopoulos (Manolis Papagiannakis), Promitheas Neratini (Ilias Papadomichelakis), Veroniki Kyriakopoulou (Veronika Thompson).

As Pete Ferguson: Kostas Nikoulis
As Giorgos Pavlopoulos: Giannis Koukourakis
As Nikitas Tsampourakis: Giorgos Michalakis
As Andreas Karahalios: Makis Papadimitriou
As Nikolina Archontaki: Betty Livanou
And as Dimitros Archontakis: Giorgos Ninos

Screenplay: Georgos Chrysavitsanos, Kostas Gerabinis
Direction: Stefanos Blatsos
Directors: Evie Vardaki, Christos Zacharakis
Cinematography: Andreas Goulos, Angelos Papadopoulos
Production Design: Sofia Zouberi
Costume Design: Ninetta Zacharopoulou
Makeup: Lia Protopappa, Elli Kriara
Sound: Panagiotis Psimenos, Andreas Gkobas
Editing: Christos Markakis
Music and Lyrics: Alex Sid, Dimitris Nasis (Quasamodo)
Music Supervision: Asimakis Kontogiannis
Casting: Iro Gallou
Project Manager: Orestis Plakias
Production Organization: Spyros Savvas, Dimitris Apostolidis
Producer: Stelios Kotionis
Executive Producer: Vasilis Chrisanthopoulos
Production: ERT

Based on an original idea by Penelope Kurtzi and Avgi Vagia.

Available on ERTFLIX.



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