TUESDAY  21/11/2023
02:00 (UTC) [K12]
Act Like You'Re Asleep II   (R)   
Entertainment / Greek Series

The psychological mystery series 'Act Like You'Re Asleep II', directed by Alekos Kiranis and Marios Valasis, and written by Giannis Skaragas, is coming to ERT in the new television season, even more captivating and groundbreaking.

The series that captivated the audience, received acclaim on social media, and "traveled" internationally to the Seoul International Drama Awards 2023, returns with Nikolas Kaliris (played by Spyros Papadopoulos) facing new conspiracies. Alongside him, in addition to the familiar characters from the first season portrayed by renowned actors, we will also see a host of new exceptional actors.

The Plot…
Nikolas (Spyros Papadopoulos) lives isolated in a trailer, having resigned from school along with Kasdaglis (Vasilis Eftaxopoulos). Plagued by nightmares and haunted by thoughts of the victims of the massacre, he agrees to meet the director of a well-known private school when Kasdaglis asks him to consider working there. Uncertain about his decision, Nikolas becomes a witness to the brutal murder of another teacher during the school's reception. What helps him make his decision is the fact that shortly before being found dead, the teacher had warned him not to accept the job at this school.

Confronted with a new reality and a glamorous world of privilege and power, Nikolas focuses on his love for children, who are suffering from their own intrigues and delinquent behavior. But beyond their harshness, he also has to deal with the cynicism of his own daughter (Georgia Mesariti), who cannot overcome the trauma of her boyfriend's death.

His encounter with another teacher, Persa (Jenny Theona), awakens emotions within him that he had long been deprived of. The initial clash of two very different yet deeply wounded individuals evolves into a powerful romantic relationship. Persa, moreover, will be one of the few allies that Nikolas has when he confronts the conspiracies of this bright world.

Who is behind the murder of the teacher? What will Nikolas do when Kasdaglis is accused of manslaughter? And most importantly, what unresolved issues from the past will bring Nikolas and his daughter face to face with the greatest threat?

Today: [With English subtitles]
Episode 17

Nikolas' evidence against Limnios is solid, and everything indicates that he’s managed to corner him, for now. Nikolas insists that Stamatakis knew about his wife's illicit affair with Kasdaglis and that he has been using them for months for another one of his plans. Bettina reveals the truth to Lakis about her child who was adopted when she was still a minor. Nikolas continues to insist on investigating Margarita's rape but is hampered by Stamatakis who wants to investigate it using his own methods. It bothers him that, as they argue, Persa seems to be covering the other side. Nasia asks to meet the rape victim and talks to Margarita. Despina gives Kasdaglis a plane ticket as a gift so that they can secretly travel abroad together for a few days. What exactly happened on the night of the rape? What does Ikaros insist that the victim is hiding? How safe is Nikolas?

Cast: Spyros Papadopoulos (Nikolas Kaliris), Jenny Theona (Persa), Vasilis Eftaxopoulos (Stelios Kasdaglis), Michalis Oikonomou (Ikarus), Ioanna Asimakopoulou (Daphne), Nicoleta Kotsailidou (Anna Grammikou), Fotini Baxevani (Betina Voridi), Dimitris Kapetanakos (Konstantinos Issaris), Alexandros Kalpakidis (Lemnios), Iliana Gaitani (Chrysa), Christodoulos Stylianou (Stamatakis), Leda Matsagou (Despina), Georgios Depastas (Lakis Voridis), Stergios Andoulas (Petros), Georgia Mesariti (Nassia Kaliri), Christos Diamantoudis (Christos Gidas), Vicky Maidanoglou (Zoi Voridi), Vasilis Ntarmas (Makis Velis), Nikolas Chalkiadakis (Giorgos), Michalis Artemisiadis (Stavros), Katerina Kranidi (Amanda), Titos Pinakas (Peris), Alexandros Tomadakis (Lambis), Faye Fragkalioti (Efi), Polina Betsi (Leta), Katia Nektariou (Margharita), Evangelos Samiotis (Kostas), Nikolas Papadomichelakis (Tolis), Makis Pappas (Vasilis).

Screenplay: Giannis Skaragas
Directors: Alekos Kiranis, Marios Valasis
Cinematography: Elton Bifsa, Giorgos Apostolidis
Set Design: Anastasia Charmsi
Costumes: Elina Mantzakou
Original Music: Giannis Christodoulopoulos
Editing: Nikos Stefanou
Production Coordination: Elias Voyiatzoglou, Alexandros Drakatos
Executive Producer: Anna Lembesi
Producer: Nikos Kalis
Production: ERT

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