WEDNESDAY  20/09/2023
22:30 (UTC) [K8]
Monogramma (2021-2022)   (R)   

Year of production: (2021)

People of intellect and Art were and still are continuously documented on the show Monogramma. People who worship and serve the Nine Muses, under the "sun of Justice" as sung in the famous song with lyrics by Odysseas Elytis, who gave the name of the show to Giorgos Sgourakis. To prove that yes, culture is still being promoted in Greece and the imaginary line that connects us to our cultural heritage has never been cut.

In each episode, the autobiographer defines the context of the film that is being made about them. Then, with their cooperation, the structure and character of the whole presentation is determined. We first study all the existing biographical data, we follow the thorough documentation of the work of the person we are documenting, we refer to the publications and interviews concerning them and after many months of preparation, we complete our television recording.

To date, about 400 persons have been documented and, in the conception of the creation of the series, we consider as very distinguishing the wide range of specialties of the autobiographers, covering almost all scientific, artistic and social areas.

Today: «Giannis Garedakis» (Part 2)
Episode 5

As an ambitious and successful publisher, who loves his homeland and is driven by passion to create and offer elements of culture, Giannis Garedakis, editor of the newspaper "Chaniotika Nea” and founder of the "Yannis and Eleni Garedakis Typography Museum", talks about his life in “Monogram”. (Part 2)

Producer: Giorgos Sgourakis
Directors: Periklis K. Asproulias, Christos Akridas, Giannis Karambinis, Babis Plaitakis, Kim Dimon, Stelios Sgourakis
Editorial supervision: Antonis Emirzas, Ioanna Kolovou
Show consultant: Nelli Katsama
Photography: Mary Gova
Sound recording: Lambros Govatzis, Nikos Panagoyliopoulos
Editing and sound mixing: Vangelis Vasilakis, Giannis Karambinis, Thanasis Papathanasiou, Dimitris Bletas, Giannetos Kominas
Production management: Stelios Sgourakis


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