TUESDAY  19/09/2023
10:00 (UTC) [K8]
Who Killed My Brother?   (R)   
Entertainment / Greek Series

A mother's deep love for her expatriate son, Giorgis, and her grief and sorrow for the inexplicable murder of her other son, Christakis, is vividly illustrated in the short story by Georgios Vizyinos.
The return of the expatriate somewhat relieves her pain but doesn’t alleviate her grief. She adjures, therefore, Giorgis and her other son, Michailos, to search for their brother's murderer and avenge him.
She is ignorant, of course, of who her son's murderer is and anxiously searches for him, while her Turk protégé, Kiamilis, whom she had taken care of if he were her child, after a dramatic adventure, although not knowing that he is the one who has -unwittingly- killed the son of his benefactress. A shocking revelation with dramatic consequences, when it comes to light. Kiamilis loses his senses and begs Giorgis not to tell his mother. To atone for his sin, having ultimately gone insane, he devotes himself to working for the mother, who never hears the truth.

Today: [With English subtitles]
Episode 2

The investigator goes to the area where Giorgis’ family lives and begins the investigation. He is accompanied by Michailos, because Giorgis has some errands to run in Constantinople. Perhaps his acquaintance with Demet, Kiamil’s sister, also played a role. The liking between them is obvious. Kiamil's behavior is a little bit strange and confuses the mother. When his adventure is revealed to her until she finds him half-dead, she will feel an even greater need to help him.

Kiamil had met a peer from their hometown and they became blood brothers. He fell in love with his sister, Nazile, and they were preparing to get married. A tragic moment overturned everything. When Kiamilis and his blood brother were returning to the village of the latter, they were attacked and robbed. They killed his blood brother and left Kiamilis in a bad shape. The father of his future bride drove him away, because he held him responsible for the death of his son. He would have died if it wasn’t for the mother’s care.

Fate brings unexpected twists. Nazile reappears in Kiamil's life and things take an unexpected turn.

Direction: Manousos Manousakis
Adaptation and screenplay: Stavros Abdoulos, Eirini Ritsoni
Cinematography: Angelos Papadopoulos
Set Design: Spyros Laskaris
Costume Designer: Maria Maggira
Casting Director: Chrysa Psomadelli
Production Manager: Maria Manousaki
Production Director: Takis Katselis
Composition - Music Score & Title Music: Christos Papadopoulos
Performer: Eleni Vitali
Lyrics: Vasilis Giannopoulos
The title song is released by MINOS EMI.

Cast: Tatiana Pappamoschou (mother), Nikolaos Papagiannis (Kiamil), Efthymis Georgopoulos (Michailos), Solon Tsounis (Georgis), Dina Michailidou (Valinde), Michalis Artemisiadis (Charalambis), Madalena Papadatou (Demet), Elena Pieridou (Nazile), Dimitris Georgiadis (Ahmet), Giannis Artemisiadis (Christakis), Kostas Flokatoulas (teacher of the Dervishes/Sheikh), Giorgos Kafetzopoulos (Omar), Dimitris Eleftheriadis (Sultan, Nazile's father), Giorgos Zervas (Louie, servant), Dimitris Katsimanis (Sarafis), Thodoris Romanidis (Kaymakamis) and others.

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