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Pop Hellas, 1951-2021: The Way Greeks Live   (R)   
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Year of production: (2021)

A new documentary series that narrates the contemporary history of the Greek way of life from the 1950s to today.

It is a special production with the participation of several well-known figures who played a significant role in shaping these trends.

How did Greeks eat and what did they cook in the last 70 years?
What were their fashion choices, trends, and influences?
How did Greeks engage with music and entertainment in each decade?
How did the role of the automobile evolve in their daily life, and what significance did music acquire in their lives?

This is a comprehensive series of 12 thematic episodes, presented with a modern narrative, tracing a long historical journey (1951-2021). It showcases the dominant trends that influenced each sector, along with interviews with distinguished individuals from various fields who analyze and interpret phenomena and behaviors of each era.

Each documentary delves into a specific aspect, shedding light on the historical context of every decade as a composition of events and trends that shaped the lifestyle of the Greeks.

The archival footage authenticates the storytelling, while the use of special graphics and infographics effectively explains each period's statistical data and prevailing trends in a simple and visually captivating manner.

Today: «The books of the Greeks, 1951-2021»
Episode 10

What books did Greeks read in each decade and what does that show about the society of each era? The tenth episode of the new documentary series Pop Hellas presents the books that Greeks have loved to read over the last 70 years, through interviews, archive material, as well as modern infographics demonstrating important information and statistics. The books published and read in every decade attest a lot about the people of each era and show the evolution and perceptions of our society. And this is reflected in the interviews of women and men who through their narrations give us the context of reading trends in each era. Through narrations and stories, this episode features: · How creations from writers of the '30s were still massively read in the 50s too. · How the great Greek composers put Greek poetry on everyone’s lips in the 60s. · The first best sellers of the 80's and the new generation of great Greek prose writers. · Novels on television in the 90s and the editorial “boom” of this decade. · All the great trends and influential writers of the past two decades which led people into bookstores and made reading a pastime for hours on end. Speakers: • Mimi Denissi - Actress, writer, director
• Alexandra Aidini - Actress
• Lena Manta - Writer
• Menios Sakellaropoulos - Journalist, writer
• Ian Rankin - Writer
• Manina Zoumpoulaki - Journalist, writer
• Christos Chomenidis - Writer
• Eva Karaitidi - Editor of “Vivliopoleion tis Estias” Publications
• Katerina Karydi - Ikaros Publishing
• Nina Psychogiou - Psichogios Publications
• Tina Mandilara - Book critic, journalist
• Spilios Lampropoulos - Business consultant, Curator

Based on an idea by Fotis Tsimelas
Directed by: Manos Kampitis
Show supervision: Fotis Tsimelas
Show coordination: Panos Halas
Director of Photography: Kostas Tagkas
Editing: Nikos Arapoglou
Chief Editor: Yiannis Tsioulis
Research: Angeliki Karachaliou - Zoe Kousaki
Original Music: Yiannis Patrikareas

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