WEDNESDAY  20/09/2023
01:55 (UTC) [K8]
Mom's Cake (Season Β )   (R)   
Entertainment / Greek Series

Comedy series.

In the upcoming season, viewers on ERT1 will once again savor the delightful "Mom's Cake". This comedy-drama series, beloved for its humorous lines, its unconventional storyline, and its exceptional cast of actors, is renewed with new stories of laughter and emotion, returning to our screens.

The talented creative duo of Alexandros Rigas and Dimitris Apostolou takes the family of Tasos and Evanthia on new adventures, providing Costas Koklas and Kaiti Kostantinou the opportunity to lead in a family story filled with episodic twists.

Lydia Fotopoulou portrays the role of the grandma, Marilou, a woman detached from reality who views life and love in a way that those around her call surreal.

And, of course, Alexandros Rigas appears as Uncle Akylas, the most cynical of them all, Evanthia's brother. He probably never had any friends. He lives isolated in one of the rooms of the house and loves the theater - when he's paid to write good theater reviews. However, he enjoys the unpaid reviews more because that's when he can express his full disdain for every untalented artist.

In the new episodes, the conflict between Kyriakos and Veta, who are determined to get a divorce, continues. Ultimately, Kyriakos returns to the family home, and of course, humorous situations won't be lacking. The upheavals in the daily lives of all family members are unavoidable when Thomas's former girlfriend becomes pregnant and decides to keep the baby but cannot raise it herself, so she leaves the baby with the family. Consequently, Evanthia takes on the role of mother. Meanwhile, Marilou meets an old love interest and hesitates whether to continue her unpredictable life or return to companionship.

Naturally, the family gatherings continue, and opportunities for laughter, emotion, conflicts, and hilarious situations won't be missing.

The central theme of the plot, this season as well, revolves around the family's dinners at mom's. These dinners bring together guests of different ages, dispositions, and beliefs, to draw closer, get to know each other, clash, reminisce, laugh, part ways, and fall in love. "Mom's Cake" is always served at the end of each family adventure as a reward for those who managed to stay at the table. For those who, despite their disagreements and conflicts, put what unites them above all. Their desire to share and have a family.

The series can be watched with subtitles for the hearing impaired and deaf during its broadcast on television.

Today: «Georgina from next door»
Episode 27

Beautiful Ukrainian Georgina from next door is here to upset the Vasilena family.
Although absent, Tasos is the day’s star, since the reason why Evanthia puts Giagkos to bring Georgina in, is to find out what is going on between her and Tasos.
Evanthia and Veta are furious with Georgina after her instigation on Tasos and Kyriakos. However, the best part comes in the end, when Tasos returns from the trip and finds Georgina there.
Meanwhile, her boyfriend Butko arrives. We look forward to seeing what happens next.

Director: Alexandros Rigas
Assistant Director: Makis Tsoufis
Screenplay: Alexandros Rigas, Dimitris Apostolou
Set Designer: Stelios Vazos
Costume Designer: Eleni Bletsa
Director of Photography: Socratis Michalopoulos
Production Manager: Evangelos Mavrogiannis
Production Director: Natalia Tasoglou
Production Execution: Stelios Angelopoulos M.IKE

Available on ERTFLIX.


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