TUESDAY  19/09/2023
11:00 (UTC) [K]
POP cooking (Season G ) (New Episode)   
Entertainment / Gastronomy

Year of production: (2023)

Cooking with heart, once again the renowned chef, Andreas Lagos, comes to the cooking show POP Cooking and takes us on a journey to every corner of Greece.

This time, the show that teaches us all the treasures of the Greek countryside begins in September, with new recipes, new guests, and unique surprises for the viewers.

Hundreds of Greek and Cypriot PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) products will be unwrapped daily on your screens through creative, imaginative, fast, and economical recipes.

Every chef Andreas Lagos, with beloved figures from Greek television, artists, journalists, and actors, comes and cooks for you, filling the kitchen of POP Cooking with nutritional treasures of Greece.

So, the beloved cooking show returns in September for the fifth consecutive year to create the most special flavors with the most nutritious ingredients that will enchant you!

Because cooking can be POP Cooking!

Today: «Nikos Vourliotis - Elasona goat, Greek Corn»
Episode 2

POP Cooking with Andreas Lagos is back for another afternoon to fill Greek households with the aromas of Greek products.

But this time, the POP Cooking studio will have recipes set to the sounds of one of Greece's most renowned singers!

We're talking about Nikos Vourliotis, known as NiVo, the artist who, through his group Goin' Through, revolutionized the music scene in the country, bringing in new dynamics!

Andreas Lagos welcomes the ultimate Greek rapper in his unique style, and together they cook two recipes that will delight you! Elasona goat and a recipe with Greek corn - two dishes that will explode your taste buds, and you must try them!

Nikos Vourliotis reveals to us the great "love" of his life, his new business plans, and unknown aspects of his life.

Don't miss POP Cooking with Andreas Lagos and the explosive guest, Nikos Vourliotis!

Because cooking can be POP Cooking!

Presentation-Recipes: Andreas Lagos
Direction: George Logothetis
Production Organization: Theodore S. Kavadas
Head Editor: Maria Polychroni
Production Director: Vasilis Papadakis
Guest Relations-Journalistic Editing: Praxitelis Sarantopoulos
Production: GV Productions

Host: Andreas Lagos

Available on ERTFLIX.



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