SUNDAY  28/05/2023
14:45 (UTC) [K8]
Years of Innocence   (R)   

Year of production: (2022)

"Years of Innocence," produced by ERT3 in 2022.

The series marks a return to sports memories that have sweetened the souls of our grandparents, fathers, and younger generations who have heard the stories or studied the photos of the great idols of earlier times. The series focuses on the years of football that produced players who emerged from a landscape that was completely different from that of recent years. Today, when the era of "prosperity" has passed, looking at those personalities who excelled in conditions of extreme poverty, hunger, fear, and the weight of history is the most fascinating model for today's young people. If they succeeded during those years, why can't we? The series chooses human stories, with the great idols, mythical teams, and great or obscure successes of Greek football, from the 1920s to 1980, the year that marked the completion of the first professional championship and the first qualification of the Greek National Team in the finals of a major European competition.
In brief, through football, we focus on a real Greece that inspired us, that was lost, and that we want to find again so that it can inspire us once more, amidst such a bleak situation.

Today: "PAOK’s armada (1971-1977)"
Episode 4

PAOK’s squad in the seventies made history as the most spectacular team of all time in Greek football. When Koudas returned, after Olympiacos tried to sign him, something that PAOK's administrative leader, the famous Giorgos Pantelakis, staunchly opposed, PAOK shot to prominence, played mythical football, but only won one championship and two cups. The club was certainly persecuted by the football status quo, but it also did itself an injustice.

Director-script-texts: Elias Giannakakis
Narration: Konstantinos Kamaras
Production organization: Vasilis Kotronaros
Director of photography: Dimitris Kordelas
Original title and episode music: Giannis Diskos
Editing: Dimitris Tsiokos
Sound engineer: Alexandros Sakellariou

Host: Konstantinos Kamaras

Available on ERTFLIX.



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