SATURDAY  27/05/2023
20:30 (UTC) [K8]
Νeighborhoods   (R)   

Series of half-hour documentaries on various neighborhoods of Athens.

Each neighborhood corresponds to an architectural concept-word that characterizes it both physically and socially. This word serves as a guide in the perspective, the selection of characters, and the elements of each neighborhood's portrait.

Exarcheia of challenge, Kolonaki of aristocracy, Omonia of the marginalized, Kypseli of immigrants, Kaisariani of refugees, Kifissia of decentralization, Aspropyrgos of the industrial zone, Paleo Faliro of memory, Akadimia Platonos of glorious past, Ekali of the elite, Ilion of denial, Perama of shipyards, Olympic Village of youthful dominance, Gerakas of anarchic development.

Historical and new neighborhoods of Athens reveal their true nature through a conceptual game with the words that architecturally and sociologically characterize them, the people who inhabit them, and the position they claim in the new cultural map of a city that stubbornly refuses to acquire a specific identity, constantly balancing between its heavy past, transient present, and uncertain future.

Three young directors - each with their own perspective - discover the keyword of each neighborhood, overturn their apparent dynamics, renegotiate the image bestowed upon them by "urban myths," and unlock what lies behind the captivating everyday life of its inhabitants, thus completing the re-mapping of a familiar "unknown" city in the most transparent manner.

Today: «Omonia - The Passages»
Episode 1

"Νeighborhoods", a series of half-hour documentaries dedicated to the personal decodings of Athens' metropolis, make a stop at Omonia. With the keyword, the concept, the space of 'Passages', director Giannis Gaitanidis maps the decades-long 'El Dorado' of once internal migrants and now the multicultural population.
Structured upon a labyrinthine network of covered passages, the architectural structure of Omonia imposes a trajectory where plunges into darkness alternate with resurfacing into the city and light. The narration follows this natural path carved by space. In commercial passages, in the underground of the electric railway and the Metro, in permeable passages or dead-ends, in the shelters of the marginalized or bustling oriental bazaars, the heroes of the documentary are sought and located.
The elderly lottery ticket seller of the underground station, the Albanian guardian of a ghostly building, the pawnbroker, a café, a monument of past grandeur, the blind pianist guide us through the visible or invisible passages of this emblematic place.

Director: Giannis Gaitanidis
Screenplay: Natassa Segkou


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