SATURDAY  27/05/2023
14:20 (UTC) [K8]
The Great Tomorrow - Portraits of Tomorrow (2023)   (R)   
Documentary / Culture

Year of production: (2023)

After the six successful seasons of the series "The Great Tomorrow", Greek directors once again turn their lens towards the future of Hellenism, filming a different Greece, one of creation and innovation.
Through the episodes of the series, young scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and athletes are showcased, who innovate and create with their own abilities. The series highlights the unique characteristics and advantages of the new generation of our compatriots, those who will become tomorrow's champions in Sciences, Arts, Letters, and everywhere in society. All these young people, unknown to many or already known, face difficulties and temporary failures that do not discourage them. They may not have the ideal conditions to achieve their goal yet, but they have faith in themselves and their abilities. They know who they are, where they are going and pursue their vision with all their might. Through the new series of the Public Television, space is given to the expression of the talents and achievements of these young people. Their unique personality, creative ability, and unrelenting willingness to fulfill their dreams are showcased, utilizing their talents to the fullest and gradually gaining recognition from experts and the social community, both in Greece and abroad.

Today: «Leap into the Energy Future»
Episode 6

This episode features the presentation of a group of four Greek young scientists-inventors, active in the field of energy, a universal and extroverted field which is of concern to the global community. These scientists are environmental engineers who founded the company "Environmental and Biogas Technologies PC - act4energy" in 2018, a company of the Democritus University of Thrace that utilizes technological inventions developed by university research to provide specialized services on environmental management issues. The team's new project is to create a new biological filter to remove ammonia. The four scientists-inventors, Alexandros Eftaxias, Vasilis Diamantis, Christos Michailidis, Ilianna Kolokotroni, and the former Vice-Rector, currently Member of the Board of Governors of the Democritus University of Thrace, Professor Maria Michalopoulou, appear and speak on the subject.

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