FRIDAY  26/05/2023
20:00 (UTC) [K8]
Folk Songs (2022-2023) (New Episode)   
Entertainment / Show

Year of production | Year of production: (2022)

A journey together with the excellent, hospitable hostess, Athina Kampakoglou and the great musician, composer and bouzouki virtuoso, Christos Nikolopoulos.

The show of quality, authentic folk song welcomes old and young popular performers and protagonists of the artistic and cultural scene with unique Tributes to great creators and Themed Evenings.

All of them together unfold old times with immortal, iconic songs that have made history and we have all hummed them and they have accompanied us in our personal, sweet or bitter moments.
Athina Kampakoglou with her knowledge and experience, and Christos Nikolopoulos with his inexhaustible musical repertoire, accompanied by the excellent 10-piece orchestra, touch our hearts.

Today: «Tribute to Markos Vamvakaris»
Episode 31

The show hosts prepared an excellent tribute to the life and musical work of the “patriarch” of the rebetiko songs, Markos Vamvakaris. In less than two hours, there is little time to talk about his life and obviously very little time for a few songs to be performed. However, choosing Mario, Antonis Ainitis, Thodoris Papadopoulos and Evelina Angelou is a guarantee of a venerable approach to the songs that Markos Vamvakaris wrote with such pain and mastery. Costas Ferris and Giorgos Kontogiannis, two art people with a deep knowledge of rebetiko and folk songs, will talk about his work.

Orchestrations and Orchestra Direction: Nikos Stratigos

The musicians are:
Piano: Nikos Stratigos
Bouzouki: Dimitris Reppas - Giannis Stamatiou
Accordion: Nikos Papanastasiou
Keyboards: Kostas Sengis
Drums: Grigoris Syntridis
Bass: Polys Pelelis
Violin: Manolis Kottoros
Guitar: Vangelis Kontaratos
Percussion: Natassa Pavlatou

Presentation: Christos Nikolopoulos - Athena Kampakoglou
Direction: Christos Fasois
Chief Editors: Athena Kampakoglou - Nikos Tilkeridis
Production Management: Thodoris Chatzipanagiotis - Nina Dova
External Producer: Fanis Synadinós
Artistic Supervision: Kostas Balahoutis
Sound Design: Nikitas Kontaratos
Recording - Sound Mixing - Mastering: Vasilis Nikolopoulos
Director of Photography: Giannis Lazaridis
Editing: Dinos Tsiropoulos
Archive Research - Visual Material: Kostas Lygdas
Guest Coordinator: Dimitra Darda
Communication Manager: Sofia Kalantzi
Assistant Director: Soretta Kapsomenou
Photography: Machi Papageorgiou

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