FRIDAY  26/05/2023
17:00 (UTC) [K8]
Wild Greece (Season C )   (R)   
Documentary / Nature

Year of production | Year of production: (2022)

A series of hourly broadcasts produced by ERT3 for 2021-22. "There is a Greece, high and far from the gray of the city. A Greece where every step leads you to a new, captivating scenery. This is Wild Greece. And this year, for the third season, the ERT audience will take (also) to the mountains. Elias and Gregoris, combining science, passion for exploration and adventure, and a thirst for the unknown, load their backpacks and set off. From the peaks of Pindos to the islands of the Aegean, a journey of kilometers in length and height, with one purpose: to become the untamed side of our homeland, a part of everyone's images..

Today: «Grammos»
Episode 2

On this episode, the exceptional - alpine lake Gistova lies before us as we continue our exploration. The Arenes lakes, with their great ecological value, are a secret place which few people dare set foot in. "Wild Greece" climbs the unique Mount Grammos and continues its journey on the second episode of the third season.

Director/Production Manager/Director of Photography/Photographer/Camera Operator/Drone Operator: Georgios Skandalaris
Host A/Scientific Collaborator: Ilias Strachinis
Host B: Gregorios Toulias
Screenwriter: ScreenwriterGeorgios Mantzouranidis
Composers of Original Music: Anna Trimis & Dimitrios Serafidis - Unknown Echoes
Editor: Charalampos Papadakis
Camera Operator: Ilias Koutrotsios
Sound Recordist: Eleftherios Paraskevas
Assistant Sound Recordist: Evangelia Koutsoukou
Assistant Production Manager: Anastasia Papadopoulou

Host: Ilias Strachinis, Grigoris Toulias

Available on ERTFLIX.



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