FRIDAY  26/05/2023
15:30 (UTC) [K8]
Monogramma (2020)   (R)   
Documentary / Biography

Year of production | Year of production: (2019)

The 39-year journey of a TV show on ERT!!! The longest-running cultural program on television.
In each program, the autobiographical subject sets the framework of the film that is made about them. Then, with their collaboration, the structure and character of the entire presentation are determined. We initially study all the existing biographical information, follow the thorough documentation of the person's work that we are recording, refer to publications and interviews concerning them, and after months of preparation, we complete our television recording.

Today: «Elli Solomonidi Balanou»

Elli Solomonidi Balanou, Cartoonist, Set Designer, and Costume Designer on Monogramma.

Producer: George Sgourakis
Direction: Pericles K. Asproulias - Babis Plaitakis - Christos Akridas - Kim Dimon - Stelios Sgourakis
Journalistic editing: Antonis Emirzas - Ioanna Kolovou
Show consultant: Nelli Katsama
Photography: Mary Govas
Sound recording: Lambros Govatzis - Nikos Panagoyliopoulos
Editing - sound mixing: Stamatis Margetis
Production manager: Stelios Sgourakis


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