SATURDAY  27/05/2023
10:55 (UTC) [K8]
History Walks   (R)   
Documentary / History

«History Walks» aims to highlight aspects of Greek History unknown to the general public simply and understandably.

Today: «The British in Greece, 1935-1947»

The British policy in Greece during the period 1935-1947, the years that shaped Greece's post-war future, is the subject of the TV show "History Walks".
Our"guide" in this interesting journey, which starts with the restoration of the monarchy in October 1935 and ends with the arrival of the Americans in Greece in early 1947, is the Emeritus Professor of History at Panteion University and researcher of British archives, Mr. Prokopis Papastratis.

Direction of Photography: Giorgos Poulidis
Production Manager: Eleni Daflou
Direction: Elena Lalopoulou
Editor-in-chief: Pierros Tzanetakos

Host: Pierros Tzanetakos


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