WEDNESDAY  22/03/2023
17:00 (UTC) [K8]
Art Week (2022 - 2023) (New Episode)   
Documentary / Culture

Year of production | Year of production: (2022)

Art Week is the show that presents some of the most successful Greek artists, every week.
Lena Aroni talks to musicians, directors, writers, actors, performers, visual artists, and people who, through their careers and dedication to their work, have earned the recognition and love of the public. They talk to Art Week about the way they approach their field and describe the joys and difficulties they encounter along the way. The show hopes to highlight the personal mark of Greek artists, who have enriched the thought and everyday life of the audience that follows them.

Today: «Giannis Bezos, Aris Lempesopoulos, and Makis Papadimitriou»
Episode 19

Lena Aroni goes to the Anesis Theater to see David Mamet's play "Plots with a View". Giannis Bezos, Aris Lempesopoulos, and Makis Papadimitriou share instances from their rehearsals with Lena, as well as thoughts on one another with regard to their collaboration. A special get-together, full of humor and genuineness.

Presentation - Editor-in-chief - Program Editing: Lena Aroni
Direction: Manolis Papanikitas

Host: Lena Aroni

Available on ERTFLIX.



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