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The Game Changers   (R)   
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The Game Changers

Year of production | Year of production: (2022)

In the era of digital revolution and climate change, today's "entrepreneurs" are called upon to find solutions and improve the world for all of us. That is why it is very important for young people to come into contact with entrepreneurship from a young age. The Junior Achievement Greece institution serves this exact purpose. Through the virtual enterprise competition, it invites Greek students to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit and critical thinking, thus shaping the culture of the next generation of entrepreneurs. Along with Spyros Margaritis, the presenter of the show, we will travel to various places and schools in Greece that participated in the Virtual Enterprise competition and get to know the future Greek game-changers and their innovative ideas up close. And who knows, maybe we'll meet the next Elon Musk.

Today: «1st High School of Kalimnos, Poseidon's Humus Virtual Business» [With English subtitles]
Episode 2

We follow the story of four students from the 1st High School on the remote island of Kalimnos, who created the virtual enterprise "Poseidon's Humus" with the innovative goal of producing fertilizer from the island's seaweed.

Host: Spiros Margaritis
Direction: Alexandros Skouras
Editor-in-chief/ Script: Giannis Davetas
Research and Editing: Kallisto Gounari
Editing: Alexandros Skouras
Direction of Photography: Stergios Fourkiotis
Sound Recording: Simos Lazaridis
Production Manager: Thanos Papathanasiou
Executive Production: Petros Adamantidis
Production: Nikos Ververidis
Executive Production: ORBIT PRODUCTIONS

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