TUESDAY  21/03/2023
01:00 (UTC) [K12]
Act Like You're Asleep   (R)   
Entertainment / Greek Series

Nikolas is a dedicated, high-minded literature teacher helping a schoolroom full of sullen, poverty-stricken youths in a tough, unruly Athens school program. His wife, a shrewd businesswoman, would do anything to protect the life she's built in her carefully curated role in a middle-class suburb—including lying to everyone about her financial and extramarital affairs. When Nikolas meets his favorite student's mother, he feels an immediate physical attraction to her, and they decide to spend a night together in a no-tell motel. While Nikolas wrestles with his conscience, he makes a surprising discovery: his student's mother was killed in an automobile accident long ago. But the shock goes even deeper when his wife is gunned down during a bungled break-in at their house and his daughter is taken to a hospital in critical condition. Suddenly his life is thrown into tumult as he tries to see if there's more to his wife's murder than there seems to be. Challenged by deception and treachery on all sides, Nikolas is desperate for justice and to find his family's assailants.

Today: Episodes 47 and 48 [With English subtitles]

Episode 47
Who is Nikolas' mystery ally and why is he meddling in this private affair? Nikolas struggles to come up with a way to get rid of his trouble with both the loan sharks and their allies. The other victims, however, are too afraid and unwilling to speak out. Katerina, Thodoris and Stella tell the police about the threats of the man who implicated their classmate. Issaris suspects that Nikolas has found out more since he threatened Manos and tries to collect information from the people surrounding him. Victoria is still unsure whether to move in with Nikolas along with Nasia and Stathis; she's worried about how much he's changed yet she remains supportive. Manos going to threaten Issaris based on what?

Episode 48
Manos is starting to feel threatened by various strange coincidences. Horrified, he asks Polemi for help, believing that both of them will ultimately be targeted by the loan sharks, because they have failed to repay them. On the other hand, Nikolas also asks for Polemi's cooperation. He explains to her the extent of the corruption that Manos and his victims represent. If she supports him, she herself will escape the danger she is in for not doing their bidding. Nasia's relationship with Stathis is progressing, making Christos even more competitive. Kasdaglis wants to protect his students from the drug dealing case brought about by Giannis's arrest . A murder is is going to shock both Nikolas and the Police.

The actors are playing: Spyros Papadopoulos (Nikolas Kaliris), Emily Koliandri (Victoria Lesioti), Fotini Baxevani (Betina Voridi), Marina Aslanoglou (Evangelia Kaliri), Nicoletta Kotsailidou (Anna Grammikou), Dimitris Kapetanakos (Konstantinos Issaris), Vasilis Eutaxopoulos (Stelios Kasdaglis), Tasos Giannopoulos (Ilias Vandoros), Giannis Sintos (Christoforos Stratakis), Georgia Mesariti (Nasia Kaliri), Anastasia Stilianidi (Sofia Madourou), Vasilis Darmas (Makis Velis), Maria Mavrommati (Anthi Velis), Alexandros Piechowiak (Stathis Vandoros), Christos Diamantoudis (Christos Gidas), Vicky Maidanoglou (Zoi Voridi), Christos Zachariadis (Stratos Frisas), Dimitris Gerodimos (Michalis Kulentis), Lefteris Polychronis (Minas Argyris), Zoi Rigopoulou (Lena Michelis), Dimitris Kalantzis (Pavlos, Vandoros' lawyer), Elena Denta (Katerina Stafilidou), Kalliopi Petroplou (Stella Kritikou), Alexandros Varthis (Lefteris), Lefteris Zampetakis (Manos Anastasiou), Giorgos Depastas (Lakis Voridis), Ananias Mitsiopoulos (Giannis Fytrakis), Christos Stefanis (Thodoris Bitsios), Efi Lialiou (Amara), Stergios Antonoulas (Petros).

Guests: Natalia Tsaliki (Judge Valvi), Dora Makrygianni (Polemi, Minas' lawyer), Alexandros Kalpakidis (Vangelis Limnios, Head of Information Service), Vasilis Rivas (Matthaios), Thanasis Dislis (Giorgos, professor), Stergios Nenes (Stamatis), and Daniel Nourka (Takis, model).
Screenplay: Giannis Skarangas
Directing: Alexandros Pantazoudis, Alekos Kyrannis
Cinematography: Claudio Bolivar, Elton Bifsa
Set Design: Anastasia Charmousi
Costumes: Elina Mantzakou
Original Music: Giannis Christodoulou
Editing: Nikos Stefanou
Production Managers: Elias Voyatzoglou, Alexandros Drakatos
Production: Silverline Media Productions S.A.

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