MONDAY  20/03/2023
16:50 (UTC) [K8]
Life Is Moments   (R)   
News / Interview

The central axis of the show is the re-acquaintance with an important person from the artistic field, who takes us on a journey through moments from his or her life.

Today: «George Papastefanou»

The legendary radio and television host and producer, George Papastefanou, on the show "Life is Moments" in a unique television presentation to celebrate with Andreas Roditis and the viewers of ERT, his 60 years of presence in the music culture of our country.

Presentation-Editorial: Andreas Roditis
Direction: Petros Toubis
Production Manager: Aspa Koundouropoulou
Director of Photography: Andreas Zacharatos
Set Designer: Eleni Nanopoulou
Graphic Design: Lia Moraitou
Theme Music: Dimitris Papadimitriou


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