WEDNESDAY  22/03/2023
19:00 (UTC) [K8]
Platanos What a Great Village (Season C ) (New Episode)   
Entertainment / Greek Series

The small rebellious village, which goes by the name of Platanos, has caused a lot of trouble, since even the gods of Olympus are arguing because of it, accusing the mischievous Dionysus of driving the already crazy villagers of Platanos entirely insane by “messing” with the village water spring.
But what is the connection between a spring with magic water, an evening during the Carnival that the villagers of Platanos do not want to remember, an authentic Fabergé egg and a commune with an honest tax collector and a... psychopath?
The people of Platanos will face the most powerful enemy of all: Their past and everything we took for granted will turn upside down: The good ones will become bad, the poor rich, the conservatives will become progressive and the enemies, friends!
Nemesis will come to our little village, and the final battle will be the most merciless of them all! Season three will dive into the past, take the skeletons out of the closet and finally answer the age-old question: What is to blame for all the madness in the village of Platanos? Is it something in the water?

Episode 134

Direction: Andreas Morphoniós
Unit Directors: Thanasis Iatridis, Klearhos Pitas
Dialogue: Antonis Chaimalidis, Elpida Grillas, Antonis Andris
Script Supervisor: Dina Kassou
Screenplay: Manto Arvaniti
Outline: Stella Karambakaki
Production Execution: I.K. Cinematographic & Television Productions S.A.

Starring: Tasos Kostis (Charalambis), Penelope Plaka (Katerina), Thodoris Frantzeskos (Panagis), Thanasis Kourlambas (Ilias), Jenny Botsi (Sylvia), Theodora Siarkou (Filio), Valeria Kouroupi (Valeria), Marios Dervisiotes (Nondas), Jenny Diagoupi (Kalliopi), Penelope Pitsouli (Marmo), Giannis Mortzos (Vangelas), Dimitra Stogianni (Angela), Alexandros Chrysanthopoulos (Jortzis), Georgis Tsouris (Thodoris), Jenny Karnou (Chrysa), Michalis Michalakidis (Kanellos), Antonis Stammos (Simos), Isabella Baltzavia (Toula).

The new arrivals in Platanos are: Giorgos Souxes (Thymios), Pavlos Evangelopoulos (Sotiris Bombotis), Alexandros Papadriantafyllou (Petros Bombotis), Christos Fotidis (Varsos Andreou), Pavlos Pierros (Vlasis Petas).

Available on ERTFLIX.


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