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Salt of the Earth (Season J )   (R)   
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Series about the Greek music tradition. The aim is to record and promote to the audience the richness, variety, and expressiveness of our musical heritage, through the local musical idioms as well as its modern potential in the urban environment of the big city.

Today: «Musical travelogue in Serres: The Sarakatsani and Aromanians» (Part 2)
Episode 3

The show "Salt of the Earth" and Lambros Liavas, travel to Serres for an introduction to the rich and diverse music and dance tradition.
The second part of the musical journey dedicated to the tradition of the Sarakatsani and the Aromanians of the region will be broadcast.

I Sarakatsani:
With the participation of the following musicians: Kostas Zaralis: clarinet, Kostas Kikilis: violin, Giorgos Matthaiou: lute, Andreas Zaralis: tambourine.
Singing by: Vasilis Sermpezis, Stavros Bonias, Katerina Bonia.
Dance by members from the Sarakatsani Association of S. Serres "O Katsantonis" (curated by: Panagiotis Goulas).
Musical curation: Vasilis Sermpezis.
Speakers: Dimitris Gatselos, Panagiotis Goulas and Vasilis Tsaousis.

II Aromanians:
With the participation of the following musicians: Dimitris Kokkonis: song, Nikos Zarkos: clarinet, Charis Tsitouridis: violin, Giannis Poulios: lute, Vasilis Avgitidis: tambourine.
Dance and song by members of the Aromanian Association of S. Serres "O Georgakis Olympios" (curated by: Stergios Vakoulis).
Speakers: Giorgos D. Tarasis and Dimos Verros.

Research: Lambros Liavas
Direction: Manolis Filaitis
Direction of Photography: Alexandros Voutsinas

Host: Lambros Liavas

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