SUNDAY  19/03/2023
09:30 (UTC) [K8]
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Half-hour weekly show produced by ERT in 2023. Stories with a positive social significance. People who think outside the box, take life into their own hands, cooperate and take care of themselves and those around them. Projects with a vision, thoughtfulness, and innovation from all over Greece.

Today: «The persistent winegrower» (Part 2)
Episode 2

Once again. The young growers of the few remaining pre-phylloxera vineyards in Europe have once again seen their work disappear, as their fathers and grandfathers. In mid-summer, a fire, allied to strong winds, lack of prevention, and operational preparedness, burned down the only vineyards that a young winemaker had managed to regenerate.
Giannis Darras returns to Melambes in Rethymno a few months after recording the efforts to save an agricultural product with a high value for the locals and with invaluable historical and cultural value for the whole world.

Production Direction: Nina Dova
Directed by: Vassilis Moissidis

Host: Yiannis Darras

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Live Streaming
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