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The documentary series “Lightful Paths” is a journey to the most important religious destinations in Greece and abroad. The destinations abroad concern places and monasteries associated with Greek Orthodoxy and constitute important religious monuments. The purpose of this series is to highlight the ecclesiastical and monastic heritage, which is an integral part of the cultural life of our country. More specifically, viewers are allowed to become acquainted with historical facts about each monastery, as well as the spiritual wealth preserved in the libraries or the museums of the holy monasteries. All forms of ecclesiastical art are also highlighted: such as iconographic representations of saints, wood carving, mosaics, and the construction of churches. Moreover, aspects of the monks’ daily life are presented to the extent possible.

Today: «Mount Athos - Ark of Orthodoxy»

Mount Athos is the ark of Orthodoxy. It occupies the entire peninsula of Athos in Chalkidiki. According to Greek Mythology, Mount Athos is associated with the Gigantomachy, the battle between the Giants and the Olympic Gods. Athos was the leader of the former. Athos threw a massive rock at Poseidon from Thrace, but it missed him and fell into the sea, creating the mountain which was given his name. Today Mount Athos consists of 20 monasteries and other monastic institutions, such as hermitages, cells and convents. Karyes is its capital. Athonite monasticism began in 843, with the arrival of two great personalities in Athos: Saint Peter the Athonite and Saint Athanasius the Athonite.

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