WEDNESDAY  22/03/2023
15:00 (UTC) [K8]
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Half-hour weekly show produced by ERT in 2023. Stories with a positive social significance. People who think outside the box, take life into their own hands, cooperate and take care of themselves and those around them. Projects with a vision, thoughtfulness, and innovation from all over Greece.

Today: «Art-ificial Intelligence»
Episode 9

Shimon is different and unique. He performs songs in music and lyrics that bear his signature, he plays marimba and gives an improvisation recital on stage along with internationally renowned musicians. His diversity and uniqueness lies not in these skills but in that he is a... robot developed by the Robotic Musicianship of the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology.
He doesn't reproduce recorded music, he doesn't even make new music by composing through a vast library of music files, nor does he convert the notes of a sheet music into the motion of his artificial members to play marimba, but he uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to listen, understand, respond and collaborate with musicians.
Yiannis Darras met him at his first world concert, where apart from performing his own compositions, he improvised in real time with musicians of a jazz band. Can artificial intelligence create art? Has the era of artists come to an end? The answers are given by his creators, Professor Gil Weinberg who gave him the “body”, and internationally renowned saxophonist and teacher at the University of Athens Dimitris Vasilakis who gave him the “mind”.

Production Direction: Nina Dova
Directed by: Vassilis Moissidis

Host: Yiannis Darras

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