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Living on the Edge (New Episode)   

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Living on the Edge is a documentary series that highlights contemporary Greeks who live “on the edge”: people living in extreme conditions, unusual ones, living and working on the edge - in the heights, in the depths, in solitude.
Each episode opens up horizons for viewers to get to know Greece and the possibilities that exist where others see only difficulties. Focusing on the human being, Kalliopi attempts to coexist and work alongside people who live on the "edge", traveling everywhere, from the heights to the depths.
The show focuses on human strength, the ability to survive in incompatible environments, and to achieve goals inspired by higher ideals.

Today: «Frakto: Living on the Edge in the Forest» [With English subtitles]
Episode 3

The pin on our map this time shows the village of Frakto in Rhodope, on the border with Bulgaria. Here, in the only virgin forest of Greece, you can find birch and spruce at their southernmost point of spread, dozens of animals and birds, abundant water, and places untouched by humans. Around the perimeter of the virgin forest, logging is allowed under the guidance of the Forest Service of Drama. From May to November, Frakto becomes the home of the forest workers.
Spending a few days with these people of the forest, working and living alongside them, it becomes obvious that the word that defines them as a group is the word 'family', because together they can face both the dangers of the forest as well as those of their work.

Direction - Editor in Chief: Lydia Konsta
Script: Zak Katsikaridis
Direction of Photography: George Kogias
Sound: Tanya Jones
Sound Mixing: Tasos Karadedos
Opening Titles and Trailer Music: Konstantinos Katsikaridis - Son of a Beat
Music Supervision: Fotis Kilelelis-Vasiliadis
Opening Titles- Graphics: Threehop - Panagiotis Georgakas
Editing: Apostolos Karoulas
Assistant Director: Zach Katsikaridis
Camera Assistant: Artemis Tzavara
Research: Artemis Tzavara
Assistant Producer: Anastasia Sargioti
Production Manager: Christina Gkoleka

Host: Kalliopi Savranidou

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