SATURDAY  18/03/2023
15:00 (UTC) [K8]
Musical Families (Season Β ) (New Episode)   
Documentary / Music

Year of production | Year of production: (2023)

The family, the entire body of Greek traditional expression, comes as a continuation of the history, to prove that tradition is experiential and music is a living cell that is reborn through listening and rhythm. Families of traditional musicians, musical families. Fortunately, there are still several! We enter the small, enclosed universe of a musical family, in its natural space, the neighborhood, at the café, and other haunts where its music and dancing activities take place. The family, the music, the contacts, the influences, the transactions, the confessions, and the narratives about the family’s life and action, not only by family members but also by third parties. And finally a small tribute to the beneficial effect on cohesion and psychology, through the ritual of musical get-togethers.

Today: «Masters»
Episode 4

The pioneers of Cretan music discography, having records in both Greece and the USA, mark a pioneering journey recorded in the national music-collective memory! Being aware from the beginning of the breadth and acoustic diversity of Cretan music, we were limited our scope to the area of Agios Vasilios, Rethymno. Guided by young virtuoso Alexandros Papadakis from Ardachtos, we talk about large musical families in the region, but also in Crete as a whole. Giorgis Markogiorgis from Spili, forefather of the Markogiannis family. He played the lyre in the 1920s and 1930s. He was perhaps the region’s biggest name of his time. There were times when he played the lyre. Giannis Markogiannakis from Spili. An active musician and composer of music from the 1930s to the 2010s! The first son of Markogiorgis, who introduced him to the lute, since it had not been widespread in the area before. A master in developing the tuning of the contemporary Cretan lute. He created his own school for playing music. Vangelis Markogiannakis, from Spili, Markogiannis’ smaller brother. He also created his own school in playing the lute and was “responsible” for modernizing the technique of playing the Cretan lute, as he introduced four-string bouzouki techniques. A composer and virtuoso mainly in terms of finger speed. Gerasimos Stamatogiannakis from Akoumia, a "Successor" of Skordalos, as far as the timbre characteristic of Agios Vasilios is concerned. Karavitis from the village of Aktounta, the greatest composer in the local timbre characteristic of Agios Vasilios before Skordalos. A chronicle of music in the form of a musical journey to an area where its musicians are among the masters of Cretan discography.

Research, script, presentation: Giorgos Melikis
Direction, cinematography: Manolis Zandes
Production management: Ioanna Douka
Editing, graphics, camera: Angelos Deligkas
Editing: Vasiliki Giakoumidou
Sound recording and processing: Simos Lazaridis
Camera: Angelos Deligkas, Vangelis Neofotistos
Script, general duties: Vasiliki Giakoumidou

Host: Giorgos Melikis

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