FRIDAY  27/01/2023
02:00 (UTC) [K8]
365 Moments   (R)   
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Behind the news and major events are always human moments. Moments that shaped the course of an event, marked people's lives and even defined history. The show "365 Moments" with Sofia Papaioannou, attempts to highlight these moments, shedding light on major issues of society, politics, current events, and history today. With reporting from locations where events take place, in Greece and abroad. Journalism 365 days a year, captured in "365 Moments".

Today: «Organ donation»
Episode 7

The show "365 Moments" with Sofia Papaioannou
follows the stories of people who were called to
make the brave decision to donate organs of their loved people.

Research: Sofia Papaioannou
Editor-in-chief: Stavros Vlachos - Magia Filippopoulou
Direction of Photography: Panos Manolitsis
Editing: Isidora Harbila

Host: Sofia Papaioannou

Available on ERTFLIX.



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