WEDNESDAY  25/01/2023
16:00 (UTC) [K8]
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Half-hour weekly show produced by ERT in 2023. Stories with a positive social significance. People who think outside the box, take life into their own hands, cooperate and take care of themselves and those around them. Projects with a vision, thoughtfulness, and innovation from all over Greece.

Today: «The persistent winegrower» (Part 1)

The girl who discovered a rare treasure. The foreigner who left the metropolis for the sake of Melambes. In a mountain village of Rethymnon, a young winemaker rejuvenates an entire area that was left to wither by the urbanism and indifference of the State.
John Darras meets the wine expert who searched for, found and used pre-phylloxera vineyards. Unique and rare vines, since after the phylloxera outbreak at the end of the 19th century most of the European vineyards were destroyed.

Production Direction: Nina Dova
Directed by: Vassilis Moissidis

Host: Giannis Darras

Available on ERTFLIX.



Live Streaming
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