THURSDAY  26/01/2023
18:00 (UTC) [K8]
Dangerous (Season Β ) (New Episode)   

Year of production | Year of production: (2022)

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The second season becomes more "dangerous", going deeper into themes that have been of concern to the Greek public for the last two years, due to the outcome and foundation of the MeToo movement, without necessarily having been explored or presented in the right way by the media. From issues of revenge pornography, cancel culture, anti-feminism, climate change, and immigration to how patriarchy affects the male population, sex work, mental health, and disability, the “Dangerous” want to continue their work in a more spherical and inclusive way. This time, they give more light and space to the personal part of the stories.
Presented by three dynamic and active feminists, Marianna Skylakaki, Maria Gianniou, and Stella Kasdagli, pass the baton to each other in each episode. They talk to the specific protagonist of each episode, whose personal story we follow. The female experience is now in the first person.

Today: «Dangerous standards»
Episode 8

In the eighth episode, we meet Apostolia Papadamaki and Pavlina Voulgaraki, addressing the question of whether and to which degree outdated social norms of female appearance and behavior affect women, restrict them and possibly trap them in self-destructive or eating disorders. How do we empower ourselves as femininities in solidarity with each other?

Direction: Gevi Dimitrakopoulou
Editor-in-chief/ Script: Alexis Gaglias/ Elena Zervopoulou
Hosts: Maria Gianniou, Stella Kasdagli, Marianna Skylakaki
Editor-in-chief / Interviews (studio): A. Kanelli
Direction of Photography: Panos Manolitsis
Project Manager: Nikos Gryllakis
Production: Kon. Tzortzis/ N. Ververidis
Executive Production: Elc productions in cooperation with Production House.

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