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Signals, the television show with REA VITALI, returns with a new season of 12 episodes.

Today: «The man with the mask»
Episode 2

"The man with the mask". "Thymios from Pyrgos who is hiding and has everyone looking for him". These were the headlines in Greek media about the man who suffered from bullying, the most savage bullying, by a group of soulless men and whose dramatic adventure had shaken the whole country. In this episode, SIGNALS, the tv show of Rea Vitali delves into, precisely, the subject of bullying. With her, Mr. Thymios Bougas, opens his heart and moves us with his phrase "I think the perpetrators are in greater need of treatment than me". At the same time with Thymios Bougas, Rea Vitali talks and informs the television audience about the key presence-importance of Mrs. Natasha Bozini at Thymios’ side. A great woman, the epitome of the sanctity of the concept of "fellow human being", who stood by his side from the first moment while she did not know him. Also, the CEO of dport services company Mr. Giorgos Petsis, who will talk to us about the vocational rehabilitation of Thymios. Of course, in addition to all this and as SIGNALS usually does, giving great importance to the spread of the necessity of any kind of healing of the soul, the psychotherapist Athanasios Alexandridis will walk with us along the paths of bullying, the mentality of the perpetrators, the way of dealing with the family, etc.

Idea-Research: Rea Vitali
Direction: Aris Lihnaras
Editing: Kostas Kourakos
Editor-in-chief: Voula Voudouri
Production: Thodoris Kavadas

Host: Rea Vitali

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