FRIDAY  27/01/2023
17:00 (UTC) [K8]
Balkan Express  (Season D ) (New Episode)   
Documentary / Travel

Year of production | Year of production: (2022)

One-hour weekly show produced by ERT3 in 2022. "Balkan Express", one of the longest-running broadcasts of Greek public television carries out an exciting journey through a wonderful natural landscape and unique geography.

Today: «Journey to Tri-National Prespa (Part 1)
Episode 8

On this episode, we embark on a long journey to the magical Prespes, two lakes linking three neighboring Balkan countries. Our starting point is the village of Psarades, on the southern banks of the Great Prespa Lake, and the famous hermitages, Askitaria. We continue to the Small Prespa, crossing the pedestrian bridge to the islet of Agios Achilleios and the ruins of the famous 11th century basilica, where the tomb of Tsar Samuel was discovered. From the cultivation of the famous beans of the region we go to the picturesque settlement of Agios Germanos, with its unique architecture. We visit exceptional agrotourist guesthouses and meet the Mayor of Prespa, who tells us about the border crossing of Laimos.
Then we cross to the other side of the border, to the lakeside villages of North Macedonia. Our first stop is the restaurant "Markova Noga", the beach and village of Dolno Dupeni, where we listen to the concerns and dreams of the inhabitants of our neighboring country’s border region. Our next stop is a traditional guesthouse in the village of Brajčino and from there we go to the "Lake View Hotel Restaurant", located in the lakeside town of Otesovo. Right next to that, we explore a ghost hotel, the "Hotel Evropa", still standing as a remnant of the Yugoslavian era. We continue our journey to the picturesque fishing village of Stenie, located near the border with Albania. Our last stop is the Galitsitsa National Park, which both connects and isolates the Great Prespa Lake and Lake Ohrid.

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