FRIDAY  27/01/2023
10:00 (UTC) [K8]
Morning Time we Met   
Entertainment / Show

Fotis Sergoulopoulos and Jenny Melita keep us company with the most enjoyable entertainment show.
The show "Morning time we met" combines humor and good mood with information and interesting stories. Entertaining videos, reports, interviews, news, and debates are the raw material that aims to entertain and present to viewers everything that interests us.
The show "Morning time we met" talks to everyone about everything. It goes out on the road, communicates with all of Greece, cooks delicious food, and has fun.
Fotis and Jenny are looking for answers to everything that concerns us in our everyday life, which is constantly changing. They meet famous people, talk to people who are role models and inspire us with their choices.

Host: Fotis Sergoulopoulos, Jenny Melita

Available on ERTFLIX.



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