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Development Aspects  (Season C ) (New Episode)   
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The "development aspect" in the title is the aspect created in an area by the educational institutions and the productive potential, with the new generation, the students, the future scientists, the employees, the professionals, and the entrepreneurs as a link. Development starts with the big training epicenters, the higher education institutions, that provide the future staff and knowledge, through research and the recording of the current production status. Universities across the country are interconnected with their regions, with existing productive bodies, with public organizations, but also with local companies, disseminating people and expertise. We present one city of each heartland region, a specific subject of expertise, research program, laboratory, or school, and its relations with the region, with a background of the future and development.

Today: «Corfu 1»
Episode 9

Development Aspects visit Corfu, the seat of the Ionian University and present the important research work of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts. The unexpected yet effective “marrying” of augmented reality with culture. The effort for the promotion and digital representation of monuments that are becoming extinct and the creation of digital museums, which offer a unique, multidimensional experience to their “guests”. Educational Videogames, developed by teachers and students, which shed light on the history of specific areas, while maintaining their fascinating, entertaining character. Accessibility of people with visual disabilities to video games, another challenge addressed by experts, and the role of technology in the tourism industry: how the travel experience is expected to change in the coming years.

Directed by George Aggeloudis

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