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Meet the Craftsmen (New Episode)   
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A series of 12 original half-hour documentaries, presenting traditional arts and techniques in the 21st century, filmed in various parts of Greece. The young protagonist Christos Zacharof travels from Corfu and Paramythia to Lesvos and Patmos, Geraki, Laconia and Lagkadia, Arcadia, to Alexandroupoli and the villages in the Rhodope mountains, places where economically viable traditional professions are still practiced, most of which are included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage.
Christos attempts to learn the secrets of marble craftsmanship, wooden shipbuilding, silversmithing, or knitting in the places where they are practiced, working alongside the craftsmen. Along with Christos, the viewer of the documentary also experiences the struggle, difficulties, and peculiarities of each art!

Today: «Traditional Blacksmithing in Thrace»
Episode 9

Until very recent years, blacksmithing was a particularly flourishing art in Thrace, as it was oriented toward farmers and land workers. In Sapes of Rhodope, for example, there were around 30 smithies until the beginning of the 21st century. In the new episode of Meet the Craftsmen, Christos meets a family of Muslim blacksmiths in Sapes, who continue to work in the traditional way, offering a precious panorama of their art. At the same time, he meets in Alexandroupoli a modern blacksmith, a fan of inventiveness, recycling and patent, who impresses with his works. Together with Christos, the viewer will see the potential of a long tradition that many consider obsolete due to machines, but also the new economic prospects that the art of iron can offer to those who love and work with it.

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