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"Tales for Tails" is curated and presented by journalist Tasoula Eptakoili and narrates stories of people and animals.
Through tributes, reports, and interviews, the show highlights interesting stories of animals and their people. They reveal to us unknown information about the fascinating world of animals.
Cats and dogs, horses and parrots, bears and foxes, donkeys and turtles, migratory birds, and marine mammals, seen through the camera lens of Panagiotis Kountouras, become the protagonists of the show.
In each episode, the people who offer protection and care to animals, -from the unknown volunteers of animal welfare organizations to well-known personalities from various fields (arts, literature, politics, science)- talk about their special relationship with the four-legged animals and unfold the feelings that this coexistence generates.

Today: «Children and pets»
Episode 14

This episode of the show "Tales for Tails" is dedicated to children and pets living together in the same house.

Living with a pet is beneficial for children for many reasons - as experts confirm. Animals give young children a sense of security and self-confidence, help them develop their emotional intelligence through empathy, and give them valuable lessons about the circle of life through experience.

Today we will hear stories of such coexistence, with all the happy moments but also the problems - and how they are dealt with. We will enter two homes in which the love and care of the parents is shared equally between the children and the pets.

Then we will be in Macedonia, at the rescue center and shelter of the Animal Welfare Group of Serres. Our guide will be Zoi Kontou, representative and scientific collaborator of the Group and two members of the organization “Ktiniatroi se Drasi” (Veterinarians in Action). Volunteers from both organizations have sterilized, treated, chipped and vaccinated thousands of dogs and cats throughout Greece.

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