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The episodes of the series showcase young scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and athletes who innovate and create based on their strengths. The series highlights the special traits and strengths of the new generation of our compatriots, those who will emerge as tomorrow's champions in the sciences, the arts, letters, and every aspect of social endeavor.

All these young people, still unknown to many or already known, face difficulties and temporary failures, but they are not discouraged.

They may not live in the ideal conditions to achieve their goal yet, but they have faith in themselves and their potential. They know who they are, where they are going and they are pursuing their vision with all their being.

Today: "Let's talk about eSports"
Episode 2

ESports, also known as digital sports, is a fast-growing industry in Greece, in recent years.

We chat with one of the founders of the Greek Gaming Academy, the first gaming academy in Greece, as well as with two representatives of historical sports clubs in Greece, the Athletic Union of Constantinople (A.E.K.) and the Panathinaikos Athletic Club (P.A.O.), which were among the first known sports clubs to create eSports departments.

Available on ERTFLIX.


Live Streaming
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