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People of intellect and Art were and still are continuously documented on the show Monogramma. People who worship and serve the Nine Muses, under the "sun of Justice" as sung in the famous song with lyrics by Odysseas Elytis, who gave the name of the show to Giorgos Sgourakis. To prove that yes, culture is still being promoted in Greece and the imaginary line that connects us to our cultural heritage has never been cut.

In each episode, the autobiographer defines the context of the film that is being made about them. Then, with their cooperation, the structure and character of the whole presentation is determined. We first study all the existing biographical data, we follow the thorough documentation of the work of the person we are documenting, we refer to the publications and interviews concerning them and after many months of preparation we complete our television recording.
To date, about 400 persons have been documented and, in the conception of the creation of the series, we consider as very distinguishing the wide range of specialties of the autobiographers, covering almost all scientific, artistic and social areas.

Today: «Efi Ksenou - cartoonist»
Episode 9

Efi Xenou, an exuberant, extroverted and talented cartoonist, who brought fresh air to political caricaturing and originality to artistic sketching, tireless and creative in every moment, is introduced to us on the show Monogramma. She was born in Palamas, Karditsa. A child of the plain of Thessaly, with parents who were farmers and cotton producers. "Everything I remember from my childhood has to do with the field and the land. In the summer we would go and help the parents in the fields and even though it was done at an adult pace we found it a bit of fun!" She studied to be a kindergarten teacher and taught for eight years. During this time, alongside Kindergarten, she worked in a graphic arts studio doing illustrations of diplomas and posters for many sporting events, illustrations of children's - and not only - books and even medical design. "I don't know when I started drawing. If someone asked me, I couldn't say exactly. Drawing existed with me and grew with me. I think I have no memories without it, it was my way of expressing myself, of being sad, of being happy." For seven years she did both jobs in parallel until she realized she had to choose. She resigned from the Public Sector in 1996, and attended the Ornerakis School. "Before 2019, after 22 years of work and 12,500 sketches, I finally had an exhibition. It was also the last thing I thought I would do because every day my job is politics and portraits more journalistic than anything. I thought that when I would have an exhibition in my life it would be with people like that who were my everyday life."

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