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The documentary series records the memories of everyday women who lived through the German occupation and survived the horrors of World War II.

More than 70 women from all over Greece speak of how they were forced, at a tender age, to violently mature overnight and face war, hunger, occupation, resistance and liberation with bravery, composure and ingenuity. Some vigorously, others shyly, others still emotionally charged, these women remember how their fear turned into strength and the play of carefree childhood became a duty and an adult role. Their testimonies are small fragments that make up the parchment of the micro-history of Greece. A story experienced through multiple lives..

Their memories are precious not only because they are the last survivors of a painful period in history, but because they have shaped a new life, with scarce emotions and a plundered inner world.

The documentary consists of 4 independent episodes and apart from personal narratives, it uses unpublished photographs, videos, documentary testimonies and academic analyses.

Today: «Bleak times»
Episode 3

The resistance, the persecution of the Jews, the Holocaust in Viannos, Crete. People will sell everything to be able to survive.
On this third episode of the documentary series, the last remaining female survivors of the horrors of World War II speak out. Some are no longer with us. Women deprived of family, food, expression, dignity.

The Hebrew girl who made running away seem like a game, while witnessing the humiliation of her race. The student who envisioned a free life, a woman of resistance, the girl from the countryside who sold her dowry for some bread. The woman who worked for the conqueror or the woman who gave in to erotic fancies to secure some food. Women who struggle with the memories of horror and compose the micro-history of Greece.

Direction - Research: Tania Chatzigeorgiou
Research - Script: Ilianna Skouli
Music: Giorgos Kazantzis and Dionisis Tsaknis in episode 4
Editing: Eleni Chrisomalli
Direction of Photography: Aristotelis Metaxas, Nikos Stavropoulos, Efthimis Simadopoulos

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