WEDNESDAY  21/09/2022
17:00 (UTC) [K]

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Today: «Stelios Kritikos, Greek anchovy, Greek giant-elephant beans from Kastoria, Cretan gruyère cheese»
Episode 12

The talented chef, Andreas Lagos, discovers extraordinary PDO and PGI products and the cooking begins!

He gives a big welcome to the talented actor Stelios Kritikos in the kitchen of “Pop Cooking”, who is lively and up for any challenge! Of course, with such delicious recipes, an exceptional chef and a willing assistant, success is guaranteed!

The menu includes: Greek anchovy in aromatic crust with sweet lemon sauce, giant-elephant beans of Kastoria, hummus with herbs and a warm salad with Cretan gruyère cheese and honey lemon oil. An aroma of Greece in our kitchen!

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Live Streaming
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