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What does it feel like to dance?
In what way does dancing set you free?
And what is it that makes someone dedicate one’s life to the Art of Dance?

From street dance and tango to classical and contemporary dance, the documentary series "Dance Time" seeks to portray dancers, teachers and choreographers from different dance genres and to illustrate the passion, teamwork, pain, hard work, discipline and joy that each of them experiences.

The documentary series "Dance Time" is the first documentary series on ERT dedicated exclusively to dance.

A series brimful of music, movement and rhythm.

An idea put forth by Nicole Alexandropoulou, who also writes the script and directs the documentary, which will spur us to get on our feet and dance.

Today: "Tasos Karahalios" [With english subtitles]
Episode 3

“I like being on stage. That is certain. I get jealous when I’m choreographing at the theatre and I’m not on stage. I mean, even when I teach, I feel that I’m there with the students, the audience”.

Dancer and choreographer Tasos Karahalios talks about his passion for dancing and notes that: “Dancing is an art that is somewhat above all the Arts, because it manages to express things that words or a simple image cannot”.

We meet him in Athens during an improv' class, we go through some of the most important moments of his career, and we don’t skip seeing him next to the place he loves the most: the sea, during a daily workout at the beach of Alimos.

Meanwhile, Tasos Karahalios reveals his deepest thoughts to Nicole Alexandropoulou behind the camera.

Other speakers: Lenia Safiropoulou, opera singer and poet, Marina Kalogirou, actress, Andreas Kondylis, Mayor of Alimos

Available on ERTFLIX.


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