TUESDAY  16/08/2022
20:00 (UTC) [K8]
MOM'S CAKE   (R)   

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Today: "Τhe divorce" Part I
Episode 10

At tonight’s family dinner, Kyriakos and Veta will sign their divorce papers... The other guests will be Diamantis, Kyriakos’ lawyer, and Amalia, Veta’s lawyer, who, like Veta and Kyriakos, are separated, too. The atmosphere is tense and the two couples miss no opportunity to fight and exchange caustic barbs. All this, however, suggests that the passion and love between the two couples is not yet extinguished, which all the other members of the family realize, so they go to great lengths to prevent them from irrevocably signing off on the divorce.
In the meantime, Rigas, the sexy boy with the tattoos, keeps showing up unannounced in the gardens of the house causing Marilou’s excitement.

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