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I'm Still Here   (R)   
Entertainment / Greek Series

"I'm Still Here" is the title of the romantic comedy, written by Konstantina Giachali and Panagiotis Mantziafos and directed by Spyros Rasidakis, starring Katerina Geronikolou and Giannis Tsimitselis.

The story...

Katerina (Katerina Geronikolou) grew up with the idea that she would die young from a rare illness, just like her mother. This idea made her hypochondriac, fearful of life, and obsessed with death. Now, at the age of 33, she learns from Alexandros (Giannis Tsimitselis), a distinguished neurologist, that she only has six months to live, and her fear is confirmed. However, instead of collapsing, she becomes liberated. What she had been preparing for her whole life is suddenly in front of her, and she intends to face it, not just bravely, but with unparalleled lightness. Katerina, who had always feared death, now surpasses her inhibitions and self-imposed limitations and finally begins to enjoy life. She creates a list of all the possible and improbable experiences she wants to have before she dies and one by one, she makes them come true. She bursts into life like a forceful river that sweeps everyone around her: from her family and her best friend Kelli (Elpida Nikolaou) to her unfaithful partner Dimitris (Stavros Vrachnis) and the charming doctor Alexandros, the one who, it seems, made the wrong diagnosis and now tries to gather the pieces as best he can. A wild journey begins with the brakes off, heading towards the joy of life and ultimate love. Will she succeed?
The story continues on screen!

Episode 37

Episode's description
Katerina and Alexandros end up at the house in Varkiza and they make love, but Katerina doesn’t want to talk about the future or any commitments. Natasha, shocked by the revelation that she is Katerina’s sister, hesitates to talk to her until she can’t hold it any longer and tells her the truth. Katerina refuses to believe it. After seeing Kelly upset for Marios and her “new” sister hanging up on Alexandros, she starts considering getting out of this love equation.

Starring: Katerina Geronikolou (Katerina), Giannis Tsimitselis (Alexandros), Stavros Svingos (Dimitris), Laertis Malkotsis (Petros), Vivian Kontomari (Markella), Sara Ganoti (Eleni), Nikos Kasapis (Pantelis), Efi Gousi (Rozalia), Zerom Kalouta (Angelos), Maro Papadopoulou (Maria), Irida Mara (Natasa), Elpida Nikolaou (Kelly), Dionysis Pifeas (Vlasis), Nadia Margariti (Loukia), and Alexandros Antonopoulos (Antonis).

Screenplay: Konstantina Giachali, Panagiotis Mantziafos
Director: Spyros Rasidakis
Cinematography: Panagiotis Vasilakis
Scene Design: Kostas Papageorgiou
Costume Design: Katerina Papanikolaou
Casting: Sofia Dimopoulou-Fragkiskos Xydiannos
Producers: Dionysis Samiotis, Nataly Douka
Production: Tanweer Productions

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